Many administrative processes in prisons currently rely on paper-based methods, which can be made far more efficient through the use of Socrates 360.

Staff can manage user accounts, documents, resources and data via the management portal, and electronic audit trails mean documents are far less likely to get lost, and can be easily edited, uploaded or downloaded. Our easy-to-use Management Portal relieves pressure on management by introducing automation and workflows, resulting in more efficient processes and procedures. Users, documents and data can all be managed via the Management Portal. Documents can be uploaded for individuals, or for groups, and progress tracking allows staff to allocate their time more effectively by better understanding the needs of service users.

Staff can also access the same health and wellbeing advice and educational courses as service users, improving professional development and training techniques.

Probation staff can use our tablets for video calling and other remote communication, including completing courses with participants. This means they can stay in touch much more easily and frequently.


Facilities Management

We also provide secure tablets configured with Facilities Management software to government agencies for use in prisons. Staff use this software on our secure locked down Socrates tablets. The new digital method is far more efficient than paper-based methods, saving staff time and improving accuracy.

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