“It’s unlocking the room, to enable prisoners to […] transcend the prison walls and bring community and custodial services together”

Peter Jones, former Director of Justice Reform, Catch 22 and former probation officer



Through the provision of locked down tablets, we are allowing service users to securely take advantage of digital technology, both in their cells and out and about. We offer an extensive set of education and training materials, as well as advice on careers, health, wellbeing, money management, and much more. We also provide a range of features to help to improve the lives of people in prison, including video calling, information on activities and support in prison and outside, a calendar, and canteen services.



Research suggests that education is one of the most effective means of reducing reoffending rates. Socrates 360 provides engaging, interactive training material with a wide range of content, from basic literacy and numeracy to financial advice and personal development, to degree-level courses. Much of our content is available offline, meaning learners can study whenever and whatever they like, supplementing taught lessons with self study on our locked down tablets. Institutions can select from a number of different packages tailored to the needs of their service users.

We believe user engagement is vital to ensure success in all of our projects. Progress, performance and level of understanding are all tracked automatically, and can be easily monitored by teachers and staff.



We partner with companies such as Halfords to provide a whole range of information and training resources. Socrates 360 offers vocational training modules in a wide variety of professions, supporting people in prison to gain skills which will make them more employable upon release, as well as links to a number of job searches, so that people in prison have access to the same information as people outside prison. We also offer videos and documents giving advice on interview techniques, CV writing, and other aspects of job applications, with content from the USA Department of Labor and UK Ministry of Justice.

We are also partnering with experienced, expert providers such as Acceleron Learning, who already work with inmates and probationers across the country to improve their chances of getting and keeping a job.


Health and wellbeing

Socrates 360 gives service users access to a wealth of advice and resources to help them with their health and wellbeing, both during and after their time in prison. On a practical level, our app allows health care staff to upload and store documents such as medical records and prescriptions, helping to ensure continuity of care.

We also work with expert providers such as Breaking Free to provide interactive courses.



We provide locked down tablets to prisons, which only allow access the Socrates 360 app and any other whitelisted websites and apps. Our systems are independently tested and assessed. We assess the Business Impact Level requirement on a case by case basis and utilise CESG Certified Professional consultants as required.




Prison can be incredibly difficult for service users and their loved ones, and puts a huge strain on everyone involved. With only infrequent opportunities to visit or talk on the phone, it is difficult to truly maintain healthy relationships. This is why we provide a number of options for prisoners to communicate more easily with loved ones. Good family relations can be a key motivator for people to get out of prison quickly and to stay out.

We have been providing Prisoner Telephone Systems via our sister company L&G International to international prison services for many years.

Our 360Talk video and voice calling system allows people in prison to keep in touch with family and friends, easing boredom and maintaining vital relationships. Our system is cheaper than phone calls, and can supplement family visits by allowing more frequent contact. In the UK, we’re working with BT to offer text messaging services to people in prison, to allow them to communicate far more frequently and easily with friends and family.

We also partner with a number of organisations to bring creative solutions to the problem of communication. For example, our partnership with Storybook Dads will allows prisoners to record bedtime stories to be sent to their children, helping to retain and build strong bonds.



Socrates 360 allows people in prison to stay organised with a live calendar, events and lesson timetables, all of which can be managed by staff through our user-friendly online portal. Service users receive notifications to remind them to go to lessons, check in, or attend a meeting or other event, and can also keep a diary where they can make notes for themselves.

Using a smartphone app, people on day release can be requested to check in at particular times with their location and a photograph, and optionally text and audio messages, saving time and improving accuracy when compared with the current method of in-person or telephone checks.

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