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Socrates Software Joins The Corbett Network


We are delighted to have joined the Corbett Network. We attended our first meeting last night, Wednesday 23 October, and it was great to speak to so many like-minded people doing great work in helping ex-offenders into employment.

The Corbett Network is a coalition of more than 50 decision-makers of major rehabilitation charities and organisations dedicated to reducing reoffending by supporting people with convictions to find and keep a job. The Network’s stated mission is to bridge the gap from custody to community by improving routes to employment.

Ways to do this include: engaging with employers from a wide spectrum; providing support for self-employment options and entrepreneurial activity; using social networks and media to publicise rehabilitation.

We are excited about the opportunities the Corbett Network can offer for us to work with partners to bring change to the UK justice sector.

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Otago Corrections Facility Begins Graphic Design Trial


We have recently launched a trial at Otago Corrections Facility in partnership with Maui Studios to provide graphic design training to prisoners. The programme is aimed at training prisoners to a level where they will be able to achieve employment in the sector.

We provide a bespoke Maui Studios app via Socrates 360, which prisoners access on our locked down tablets.

Facilitators are running sessions where they train prisoners in sketching, colouring and designing using the app, which provides templates and tutorials to teach them how to create their own cartoon figures and, eventually, full graphic novels. We’re excited to see what they come up with!